Current courses

Fall 2019: Data Science I

Past courses

Fall 2018: Data Science I
Fall 2017: Data Science I
Spring 2016: Linear Regression Models
Spring 2015: Linear Regression Models
Summer 2015: Applied Regression II
Spring 2014: Linear Regression Models
Spring 2014: Categorical Data Analysis
Spring 2013: Linear Regression Models
Spring 2013: Categorical Data Analysis

Short courses

2017: “Functional Data Analysis for Wearables: Methods and Applications” (at the International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity)
2017: “Variable Selection Methods in Functional Regression” (at the International Workshop on Advances in Functional Data Analysis)
2014: “Functional Data Analysis: Techniques and Applications” (at ENAR)

Other materials

2019: Workshop on website development
2018: Webinar: “Data Science and Predictive Models in Public Health” and accompanying reproducible lasso example (webinar requires registration of free account)